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Type of Questions asked in IAS Mains


Analyze means to separate something into parts and then discuss the parts and their meanings.

    Clarify means to make clear by giving examples or definitions.

    Classify means to arrange by groups based on shared characteristics.

Compare and contrast means to discus similarities and differences.

Criticize means to pass judgment on something.

   Define means to offer a definition which separates the object from similar objects.

    Describe means to explain or detail the characteristics of something.

Discuss means to consider an issue or event from various points of view.

    Evaluate means to give an opinion regarding the value of something.

Explain means to make clear or interpret information.

    Illustrate means to use a picture, diagram, chart, or concrete example to clarify a point.

Interpret means to use a picture, diagram, chart, or concrete example to clarify a point

    Justify means to give evidence in support of your position.

  Prove means to establish the validity of something by presenting factual info or logical reasons.

  Relate means to demonstrate the connections among people, events, ideas, or things.

 Review means to reanalyze something and comment or explain it.

  Summarize means to retell briefly the main points of something.

  Support means to give strong evidence in favor of something.

  Trace means to give the development, sequence, or progress of something

IAS mains Test series     Strategies for  IAS MAINS 2016/17