8 step strategy for essay

STEP 1: Examine the question Its wording indicates how should organize and write your answer. Some questions features a combination of organizational patterns rather than a single type.
STEP 2: Choose a title Even though you won’t necessarily title the topic asked in the questions, a title helps you focus your thoughts and narrow your subject
STEP 3: Outline or map your response before you write This listing of main points keeps you from omitting details.
STEP 4: Have a beginning, middle, and end Topic and summary sentences make your answer seem organized and completed.
STEP 5: Use transitional words The key words in each question help you identify the transitions you need for clarity.
STEP 6: if you run out of time, outline the remaining questions The show your knowledge of the content, if not your writing style. Partial responses of ten result in partial credit.
STEP 7: Proofread your answers Check spelling, grammar, and content.
STEP 8: if confused regroup your thoughts If a question confuses you, write any thoughts you have about the topic on the back of your paper. This helps you focus attention and increases recall.

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