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Yojana Kurukshetra – Current News analysis (CNA)

Yojana Kurukshetra - Current News analysis (CNA)

Important Collection from YOJANA & KURUKSHETRA

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Collection of important topics. with source link , mains perspective approach and simulated questions for Prelims 2025/26 part of Prelims enrichment program PFP, the below topics are collected meticulously from PIB, with focus on IMP – Integrated main & Prelims program– these topics are well written directly to the points of 250 words answer in nutshell from various sources primarily from Yojana & Kurukshetra

Environment Impact assessment EIA .

Great Indian Bustard .

Air bubble travel corridor

All about QUAD .

latest News about Indias Arms Import


E3 certification .

All about AI- Artificial Intelligence .

Parliament passes MTP act


  • What are the steps taken by GOI to  impart skills in the country?
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas   Yojana (PMKVY): It is one of the  flagship schemes of the Ministry  aimed at providing free-of-cost skill  training to over 1 Crore youth in 4  years in 221+ job roles; offering short  term training between 2 months to 6  months.
  • Pradhan MantriKaushal Kendra   (PMKK): It is an initiative towards  creation of “Model Training  Centers”with standardized  infrastructure for delivery of skill  development training to be opened in  every district of India; aiming to make  benchmark institutions that can  demonstrate aspirational value for  competency based skill development amongst key stakeholders- industry  and trainees.
  • National Apprenticeship Promotion  Scheme (NAPS): The scheme is aimed to increase the involvement of  industries and employers in engaging  youth as apprentices and providing  on-the-job skill training to create a  ready workforce. The government  reimburses part of stipend paid by the employer.

Prime Minister to participate in East Asia and RCEP Summit in Bangkok.

  • Context:
  • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will participate in the East Asia and RCEP summits in Bangkok.
  • Details:
  • The Prime Minister would be steering India’s negotiations at the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership or the .
  • He sought to dispel the notion that India is reluctant to join the RCEP trade deal.
  • But India is looking for a win-win outcome.
  • He added that addressing India’s concerns over unsustainable trade deficits is important.
  • Modi further stated that a mutually beneficial RCEP, in which all sides gain reasonably, is in interests of India and of all partners in the negotiation.

5th Global Exhibition on Services (GES)

  • Context:
  • The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry launched the curtain raiser of the 5th Global Exhibition on Services (GES).
  • About the GES 
  • The GES is organised by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce in partnership with the Services Export Promotion Council and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • The four-day event will be held in Bangalore.
  • The GES is an annual event that seeks to enhance strategic cooperation and develop synergies to strengthen multilateral relationships between all stakeholders, tap the potential for services’ exports and increase FDI inflow.
  • Key objectives of the event: An annual flagship global initiative for
    • Increasing trade in services
    • Enhancing strategic cooperation
    • Strengthening relationships among stakeholders
  • This initiative will enhance the competitiveness of India’s service sectors through the implementation of focused and monitored Action Plans.

ISRO’s NavIC set to be commercialized by Antrix

  • Context:
  • Antrix, the commercial arm of ISRO has recently floated two separate tenders to identify industries that can develop dedicated NavIC-based hardware and systems.
  • Background:
  • NavIC (Navigation in Indian Constellation) is the Indian system of eight satellites that is aimed at telling businesses and individual users where they are, or how their products and services are moving.
  • The indigenous positioning or location-based service (LBS) works just like the established and popular U.S. Global Positioning System or GPS, but within a 1,500-km radius over the subcontinent.
  • The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and its older commercial arm Antrix Corporation Ltd. are poised to commercialize India’s regional navigation satellite system, NavIC.

Ties across the sea
Tolerance and pluralism are values that India shares with the UAE


At first glance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UAE visit last week, might have seemed like any other
bilateral visit he has undertaken. But this visit, Mr. Modi’s seventh to the UAE since 2014 indicates the
government’s desire to signal more about the salience and prominence of the Emirates, than it has with
any of the other country in the Gulf region.

The timing may have been related to an invitation to address
the ‘World Governments Summit’ in Dubai and to inaugurate Abu Dhabi’s first Hindu temple, but the 10
bilateral agreements signed need a closer look.

    1. The speed with which India and the UAE concluded the
      Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) in 2022 has been matched by last week’s
      Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).
    2. This makes the UAE not only the first country the Modi government has
      signed these agreements with but also the only country that India has both a trade and an investment
      agreement with.
    3. The UAE is now India’s third largest trading partner,
    4. India’s second largest export
      destination, and fourth largest source of FDI.
    5. The inauguration of the Bharat Mart for Indian MSMEs is
      also expected to strengthen trade ties.
    6. A second raft of agreements dealt with technological ties including
      building digital infrastructure; R&D for energy security and trade focusing on green hydrogen and energy
      storage, and digital cross-payments.
    7. Third, the Agreement for an Intergovernmental Framework on the
      India-Middle East Economic Corridor paves the way for multilateral cooperation between the two
      countries, that also coordinate over the I2U2 initiative with the U.S. and Israel, and, from 2024, will
      cooperate within the BRICS framework, as the UAE is now a member.
    8. Finally, the discussions on the Israel Gaza operations and the Red Sea attacks, indicate that in a region roiled by conflict, India considers the UAE to be a stable interlocutor.
    9. India-UAE ties are also built on a bedrock of history and cultural engagement that includes centuries-old
      maritime trade and a diaspora contributing about 18% of India’s global remittances. While India’s
      technological prowess and the UAE’s positioning as a trade and industry hub bring complementarities, the
      changes in their polity and societies bring possible friction points. As the UAE, a theocratic monarchy,
      seeks to democratize its governance and have a more pluralistic system, such as the decision on the
      temple in Abu Dhabi, it has expressed concern over the rise of majoritarian and sectarian forces in India.
    10. To that end, Mr. Modi’s words in Abu Dhabi, where he rejoiced in the mutual values of tolerance and
      pluralism, and “shared heritage of humanity” may be the most significant bonds between the two
      countries separated by the Arabian Sea.

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