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Electoral Bonds & Issues

Electoral Bonds emerged as a means of funding for political parties in India starting from 2017 until they were deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on February 15, 2024. This decision followed a directive by a five-judge bench, led by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud, instructing the State Bank of India to disclose donor and recipient […]

India & UAE Bilateral TIES

Ties across the sea Tolerance and pluralism are values that India shares with the UAE THE HINDU February 19, 2024 At first glance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UAE visit last week, might have seemed like any other bilateral visit he has undertaken. But this visit, Mr. Modi’s seventh to the UAE since 2014 indicates the […]

Farmers’ MSP Protests

Maximum confusion Farmers’ MSP demands will not serve their interests THE HINDU BUSINESSLINE February 19, 2024 There are two broad truths that underlie the farmers’ agitation this time as well as the one that took place in 2020-21. First, they point to a crisis of incomes in agriculture of varying degrees across regions (the NSS’ […]

Surrogacy Regulation Bill

Surrogacy Regulation Bill [UPSC Notes for GS] This article will describe in detail the Surrogacy Regulation Bill (2019). These UPSC Notes on the surrogacy bill and its concerns are aligned with the UPSC Syllabus and aspirants should prepare this topic for General Studies Paper I. The Lok Sabha passed the Surrogacy Regulation Bill (2019). The issue of [...]

Same Sex Marriage Verdict by Supreme court

Same-sex marriage verdict highlights: The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that there cannot be legal recognition for same-sex marriages, doing so by a 3-2 majority. Key points from Supreme Court's five-bench ruling on same-sex marriage • No legal recognition of same-sex marriages • No constitutional or fundamental right to civil unions • Centre's high-powered committee to [...]

Katchatheevu & complete Analysis

Katchatheevu Island, a small uninhabited piece of land spanning 285 acres, is situated in the Palk Strait, forming the maritime boundary between India and Sri Lanka. The island measures a mere 1.6 kilometers in length and slightly over 300 meters in width at its widest point.

Model Answers for IAS Mains Exam – Values & ethics

Whistleblowing plays a crucial role in exposing wrongdoing and ensuring accountability. Discuss the ethical responsibilities of individuals to report unethical practices in public and private organizations. Analyze the challenges faced by whistleblowers, the role of institutional mechanisms in protecting them, and the potential impact on organizational integrity. Support your answer with a relevant case study.

Manipur Issues & Analysis – Trust Deficit

Manipur, with over 35 communities inhabiting its valleys and hills, has a history of violence and deadly clashes. Ethnic violence has been brewing in the State for sometime as mutual suspicion between ethnic groups in the Imphal valley and the hills turned into simmering conflict between the Meiteis and the Kukis, especially after the order of the […]

Graphene – India & Importance in latest Technology

What Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to software and quantum computing is to computers, graphene is to materials. These three emerging technologies will disrupt the existing human-machine interface in the next couple of decades. While India is among the leaders in AI and a potential challenger in quantum computing, it needs to catch up in the area of graphene. Graphene is the […]

The endocrine system – 10 amazing glands

The endocrine system – 10 amazing glands Graphic of the male and female endocrine system The endocrine system is a collection of glands that produce hormones (chemical messengers). These hormones pass directly into the bloodstream to control metabolism , growth and sexual development. The endocrine system consists of the following glands: The hormones produced by these glands […]

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