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IGNITE TEST SERIES - IAS 2024 Prelims: IgniteYour Success Journey!

Welcome to IGNITE, Global IAS Academy's flagshiptest series designed to fuel your UPSC preparation forthe 2024 Prelims. IGNITEis not just a test series; it's a comprehensive, strategic tool crafted topropel youtowards success

Perfect Schedule for Success

Quality Questions for Mastery

At IGNITE, we understand the value of time in your IASpreparation. Our meticulously designed schedule ensuresoptimal coverage of the UPSC syllabus. With testsstrategically spaced, you'll experience a steady progressionfrom foundational topics to advanced subjects. Thisenables you to build a robust knowledge base and boostsyour confidence for the D Day.

IGNITE's question papers are the result of exhaustiveresearch and analysis. Crafted by our team of seasonededucators and UPSC experts, the questions reflectthe evolving pattern of the Prelims examination. Eachquestion is a gem, designed to test not just yourknowledge but your analytical and decision makingskills.Practicing with IGNITE ensures you are well versed with the intricacies of UPSCquestioning.

Feedback Systemwith SWOT Analysis

Aligned with theLatest UPSC Syllabus

What sets IGNITE apart is our personalized feedbacksystem. After every test, receive detailed insights intoyour performance. Our SWOT analysis pinpoints yourstrengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.This individualized feed backis a roadmap forimprovement. It guides you on where to focus, whatstrategies to adapt, and how to refine your approach.IGNITE doesn't just evaluate; it nurtures your growth.

The UPSC syllabus is dynamic, and so is IGNITE. Wetake pride in our commitment to staying abreast ofany changes or additions to the UPSC syllabus. Ourtest seriesis meticulously aligned with the latesttrends and requirements set by UPSC. This ensuresthat you aren't caught off guard and are well prepared for any curve balls UPSC might throwyour way.

Why Choose IGNITE?

Holistic Preparation:

IGNITE is not just about testing; it'saboutholistic preparation. It covers everynuance of the UPSC syllabus, ensuringyou are well-prepared for any challenge.

Real Exam Simulations

Our test papers mirror the actual UPSCexam environment. This not onlyfamiliarizes you withthe exam patternbut also minimizes anxiety on the big day.

Strategic Analysis:

The detailed analysis provided after eachtest is a goldmine. Understand yourperformance ata granular level, identifypatterns, and strategize effectively.

Adaptive Learning:

IGNITE adapts to your learning curve.With evolving difficulty levels, it ensuresyou progress steadily and are alwayschallenged just enough to enhance yourcapabilities

Expert Guidance:

Benefit from the expertise of ourseasone deducators. Access to theirinsights and tips adds a crucial dimensionto your preparation

How IGNITE Works

Feedback and Analysis: Post test,receive detailed feedback along with a SWOTanalysis. Understand your performance in depth.

Repeat: The cycle continues. With each test, you evolve,getting closer to yourgoal of clearing the IAS Prelims.

Realistic Simulations: Experiencethe real exam environment with ourmeticulously crafted test papers.

Enrollment: Join IGNITE through our user friendly online platform. The process isseamless, ensuring you can focus more on your preparation.

Adapt and Improve: Utilize the feedback to adapt your study plan. Make informed decisions to enhance your strengths and address weaknesses.

Join IGNITE Today!

IGNITE isn'tjust a test series; it's your partner in success. Join us today toexperience atransformative journey towards becoming a Civil Services Officer.Your successstory begins with IGNITE! #IAS2024 #IgniteTestSeries#GlobalIASAcademy

Test Schedule: IGNITE follows a structured schedule, giving youampletime for thorough preparation between tests.

Date Paper Code Subject Topics covered
(The list is indicative to help students;
however, it is not exhaustive)
19th FEB
Indian Polity &
ConstitutionPart 1
System of government as established by the Constitution

Indian Constitution: Historical Underpinnings,Evolution & Making of the Constitution,Features, Significant Provisions

The Preamble

The Union and its Territory


Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles &FundamentalDuties

Amendment of Constitution

Basic Structure of the Constitution

Emergency Provisions
22nd FEB
Indian Polity &
ConstitutionPart 2
Central Government: President, Vice President, Prime minister,Central Council of Ministers

Parliament and State Legislature

State Government: Governor, Chief Minister,State Council ofMinisters

Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations

Local Government: Panchayati Raj, Local Urban Government

Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts,Subordinate Courts


Constitutional & Non Constitutional Bodies
26th FEB
Geography -1: Physical
Geography of India and
the World
Physical Geography of the world

Solar System & the Earth and basics of latitude World andlongitude





Natural Hazards and Disasters

Continents (Land, Climate, Resources etc.):Asia, Africa, NorthAmerica, South America,Antarctica, Europe, and AustraliaPhysical Geography of India

Introduction: Location, Area and Boundaries

Structure and Relief: Physiographic Divisions

Drainage System

Weather, Climate and Seasons


Natural Vegetation, Plant and Animal Life
29th FEB
Geography -2: Social,
Economic Geography
of India and the World
Economic and Human Geography - World

Economic Geography of the world: primary, secondary,tertiary, quaternary and quinary activities

Human Geography of world \

World Population, Distribution & Density, Races & Tribes,Settlement & MigrationEconomic and Human Geography -India


Land Resources

Water Resources

Mineral and Energy Resources


Transport and Communication

Foreign Trade

Population, Migration, Settlements
4th March
History of India
Ancient History, Art & Culture and MedievalIndia
7th March
Indian NationalMovement
Modern India
11th March
Indian Economy- Part 1
National Income Accounting: Definition and Concepts: GDP,GNP etc.

Measurement of national income Money and Banking

Function of Money, Evolution of Money etc.

Banking: Need of Banks, Functions, Types, Banking Reforms,Central Bank and its role

Inflation and Employment: Definition, types etc.

Government Budgeting and Fiscal Policy: Budgeting, types,its evolution in India, Process, Component etc.

Public finance, Revenue and Expenditure,Deficits, Taxes,Debts etc.

Capital Market: Terms and Concepts
14th March
Indian Economy- Part 2



Infrastructure and Communication

Five year Plans

Economic Reforms since 1991

Foreign Trade

India and IMF, WTO, WIPO

India and International Institutions

IPRs External Sector and Currency Exchange rates

BoP, BoT, International trade, IMF, WTO, Trade policies,issues and challenges etc
21st March
General issues onEnvironmental ecology,Biodiversity and ClimateChange- Part 2
Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

Environmental laws and policies

Sustainable Development

Natural Resource conservation

Environmental Problems

Energy Crisis and Non-Conventional Source
25th March
General Science



Applied Science
28th March
Science and Tech
Science and Tech
General Studies Paper 1
-PT-15 & 16
General Studies Paper 1CSAT PAPER II
General Studies Paper 1
20th APRIL

Logical reasoning and analytical ability

Decision making and problem solving

Basic numeracy (Class X level)

Data interpretation (Class X level)
-PT-19 & 20
General Studies Paper 1CSAT PAPER II
Note: By April 28th Mocktest Concluded & Studyholidays begins for IAS 2024Exams
Note: All tests with OMR basis as per UPSCPattern with 100Qns in GS / 80 Qns in CSAT

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