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Environment Impact assessment EIA .

Great Indian Bustard .

Air bubble travel corridor

All about QUAD .

latest News about Indias Arms Import


E3 certification .

All about AI- Artificial Intelligence .

Parliament passes MTP act


  • What are the challenges in the Energy sector?
  • Overall energy: A variety of subsidies  and taxes distort the energy market and promote the use of inefficient/over efficient fuels and also make Indian exports and domestic production uncompetitive as energy taxes are not under GST, and hence, no input credit is given.
  • Power: The high  industrial/commercial tariff and the cross subsidy regime have affected the competitiveness of the industrial and commercial sectors.
  • Oil and Gas: Lack of market driven  gas prices for old fields disincentivises further production. Also, the gas pipeline infrastructure is not adequate.
  • Coal: There is a tendency to expand  open-cast mining and discourage underground operation even for better quality coal reserves.
  • Renewable Energy: High energy costs   result in reneging on old Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and erode their sanctity. This leads to uncertainty regarding power off-take and consequently endangers further investments.


  • What are the steps taken by GOI to  impart skills in the country?
  • Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas   Yojana (PMKVY): It is one of the  flagship schemes of the Ministry  aimed at providing free-of-cost skill  training to over 1 Crore youth in 4  years in 221+ job roles; offering short  term training between 2 months to 6  months.
  • Pradhan MantriKaushal Kendra   (PMKK): It is an initiative towards  creation of “Model Training  Centers”with standardized  infrastructure for delivery of skill  development training to be opened in  every district of India; aiming to make  benchmark institutions that can  demonstrate aspirational value for  competency based skill development amongst key stakeholders- industry  and trainees.
  • National Apprenticeship Promotion  Scheme (NAPS): The scheme is aimed to increase the involvement of  industries and employers in engaging  youth as apprentices and providing  on-the-job skill training to create a  ready workforce. The government  reimburses part of stipend paid by the employer.

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