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how to prepare Philosophy

How to Prepare Philosophy

What is the smart way to read and cover the syllabus of  subject(philosophy)?

2) What u think that if someone wants to crack the exam with this paper then, It is important to go into the deep of the subject and make of own world of philosophy or any kind of smartness is important at the time of reading, because when I read philosophy I create my own world and philosophy.Means for getting a good score to crack the exam is your interest or smart approach matters overall. Another reason for  to opt philosophy that’s for ethics paper. Does it help ethics and essay papers immensely or not?. Yes it is.

Warning- Don’t get emotional while reading philosophy because every
philosopher has written his thought according to his consciousness so
you just try to read that and understand what if is trying to say
don’t presume anything because there is a high chance that your
presumption might be wrong.

Ethics paper – might or might not help you but yes definitely it has
something in it which helps in making good decisions but if you really
want to get good inputs for that paper then you must read any book of
philosophy of ethics which is not part of your syllabus.

Books – start with Dutt and chatarjee read it thoroughly while keeping an
eye on the syllabus.
Then move to western philosophy by Masiaha
then OP GAUBA for socio political philosophy
Masiaha for religious philosophy then

Indian Philosophy – BY C.D. SHARMA.

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