Main’s Descriptive Test practice and answer for IAS 2021/2022

Qn: Government justifies creation of caste corporations. In the backdrop analyse the statement “caste system is assuming a new identities and associations hence caste system cannot be annihilated in india ” ?

Important for IAS/KAS & any State Public Service Examinations 


The action of the State in establishing, administering and financing these corporations or development boards is a part of the larger macro-policy of the State to promote welfare for all, through focussed micro-development initiatives. Actions of the State government in establishing the corporations/ development boards is a conscious welfare policy initiative which is well within the powers of the State government under the Article 162 of the Constitution of India.

Justifying its action of creating various corporations, including the newly created Veerashaiva-Lingayath Development Corporation, the Karnataka State government recently told the High Court of Karnataka that it intended to create more such bodies in a phased manner subject to availability of budget. These bodies will facilitate and ensure identification of the intended beneficiaries who are the most deserving for receiving benefits of welfare programs and policies within these communities, the government said.

Stating that only two corporations were set up in 1970s — one for both the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes, and another for the Other Backward Classes and the Minorities — the government pointed out that subsequently these were made four separate corporations for better implementation of targeted welfare schemes.In later years, separate corporations were set up for around seven castes notified as OBCs to specifically cater to the unique problems and issues faced by the Vishwakarma, Uppara , Ambiga, Savitha Samaja and its sub-caste, Madivala and its sub-castes, Alemari and Arey Alemari, and Kadugolla.

The above development is clear indication that most state govts are working in same passion to reach targeted segment in the society to make sure the better reach of welfare schemes.